What we do

Aquire, Operate & Exploit


  • Dedicated A&D team to source, screen, and evaluate asset packages that fit our strategy
  • Target high-quality, low-decline PDP assets with significant cash flow generation to facilitate current yields and provide development optionality
  • Leverage diverse operational experience to provide differentiated insight into valuation
  • Finance conservatively with first-lien reserve-based credit facilities and use moderate leverage


  • Enhance asset value by maximizing productivity and realizing cost structure efficiencies
  • Pursue low-risk projects that meet desired hurdle rates at current commodity prices
  • Develop at a pace that promotes distributable cash flow


  • Implement and maintain an efficient cost structure
  • Manage risk through prudent capital investment decisions, hedging, and low leverage
  • Maintain highest level of safety and regulatory compliance

ESG Commitment

In an effort to preserve our reputation as responsible corporate citizens, at PetroTX, we believe responsible investment practices are fundamental to good business. We strive to promote a safe work environment for our employees and to prevent any incidents that negatively impact the health and safety of our employees, community and/or the environment.